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​Alumni Association Meeting 

In the library at 4pm on Nov. 19th, 2013.


2013 Hall of Fame Inductees 

Charles C. Allen ‘53

Alan Carter
Dr. Eugene Pitts Hunt, III ‘65
Victor Joris ‘46
Zoe Ramsey ‘51
Ivan Smith Jr. ‘64
Elliott B. Stonecipher ‘69
Justice Jeff Victory ‘63
Dr. Joe Watson
Aven “Tex” Williamson ‘61


Honorary Walkway 

The Alumni Association of C. E. Byrd High School invites you to participate in an exciting new beautification project for the campus, the BYRD HIGH SCHOOL HONORARY WALKWAY! When completed, this proposed construction project will serve as a magnificent new entry to the gymnasium.  


The new entryway on Gladstone will include a garden, a plaza where one can stop for reflection and a multi-tiered walkway. This will enhance the beauty of our school and provide an opportunity to honor ANYONE who has been a part of the “City of Byrd”! Portions of the walkway will consist of bricks that can be purchased as a tribute to honor students, classes, alumni, faculty (both past and present) or any loved one who has been touched by the Byrd experience. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to continue the excellence and pride that has always been a trademark of our high school by making a lasting tribute for you or someone you know!


Download the Honarary Brick Walkway flyer and order form.


Address Requests

These are limited because of the Privacy Act. We cn contact the person whom you wish to contact and give them your phone mumber and addresses.

Address Changes or Deceased Alumni

Call the alumni office or email information to us.

Dues and Donations
Monetary donations are tax deductible. Thank you notes and receipts are mailed to you. Special receipts are sent for donations of more than $250.00.



Alumni High Life

If you are NOT receiving the Alumni High Life or any information from Byrd, WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION. Please contact us immediately!!

Class Lists

Class Lists are available free to those planning a class reunion. Please contact Charles Allen.


President's Message 

It's Deja Vu all over again, as I begin my second term and again placed in a position to give back to the institution that helped me prepare for life's hard knocks. I dare say, each of us began to broaden our higher education the moment we walked into this City of Byrd. I was there, like many of you, simply because that is where I ended up. Personally, I did not realize  back then, this great institution would have such a huge impact on my future.


I have many friends today who graduated from Byrd with me in 1964, and regardless of when or where we meet, the subject of Byrd High School enters the conversation,


Byrd High, in a strage way, became like a personal friend for whom I developed a deep respect. Maybe it was the personal interest the staff spent with me, asking questions and answering questions, teaching me things about life I could never have learned otherwise. As a teenager my life was consumed in Byrd High School, and I would not have hoped for anything better. Think back, we spent as much time at Byrd as we did at home if we include all of the sports and other after school activities. Then there was the telephone to occupy our time until we could be back at school.


I'm much older now and I look back on my days at Byrd with deep emotion. Feeling the same as I, many alumni have shown their devotion and faithfulness to this school in numerous ways. Many by joing the Byrd High Alumni Association, headed by a Board of Directors who meet regularly to utiilize the organization's dues money for the betterment of our school. That's right, our school. Alumni Association yearly dues are $20.00, and lifetime dues are $200.00, not much for an old friend who opened life's doors for each of us. Some alumni also make financial contributions. A list of how dues money is spent would be too long for me to publish, but it includes things as grounds upkeep that gives Byrd that majestic appearance from the stree, class room computers for teaching staff, constantly updating class room technology, sponsoring journeys for teacher seminars, many scholarships in the name of past alumni, and much, much, more. 


Old friend, young friend, new friend, the spirit at Byrd High School is always high and in our hearts. I still consider myself a Byrd High Jellow Jacket as much as ever, along with approximately 17,000 other dues paying members and over 1,000 life time members. 


The chance to work once again with the Alumni Association is my honor. I promise I will work hard to keep Byrd High Spirit alive, and I, like many of others, will never turn their back on an old friend. Take the moment now and join the Alumni Association. Not only do we Keep the Hive Alive, it keeps Byrd Number One.


Laird Evans '64


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