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Athletic tradition has always been important at C. E. Byrd High School.  The success Byrd has enjoyed in sports competition has been a great rallying point for the school and source of pride since 1926. The Athletic Hall of Fame at C. E. Byrd High School was formulated and conceived by the C. E. Byrd Letterman’s Association.  The Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet is a bi-annual event sponsored by the Association to honor its outstanding athletes.


The Yellow Jackets have been blessed with a great number of talented athletes competing on the men’s and women’s athletic teams. The Association welcomes Hall of Fame nominations from letterman, alumni, friends and supporters of C. E. Byrd High School.  Anyone wishing to provide information for a nominee can do so by writing to:




Athletic Hall of Fame


1992                                                                            1993

Joe “Red” Baird   1944                                            Conway Baker  1932

Dr. Billy Bundrick  1956                                         Leo Bird   1938

Rupert “Bo” Campbell  1959                               Marilyn Rogers Garner  1952

Coach J. D. Cox   1929-1967                                  Jake Hanna  1927

Guy Feducia   1938                                                 Richard Hughes  1956

Richard Gay   1954                                                  Carolyn Rogers  1952

Seth Morehead   1954                                           Dan Sandifer   1944

John Trigg   1950                                                      Terry Smith  1964

Barbara Faye White   1958                                   Coach Woodrow Turner  1951-1975

                                                                                      Jimmy Williams  1960                        


1995                                                                            1997

Spevens Rosenblath   1950                                 Buck Bryan  1932

Pat Studstill  1957                                                  Mercer Tennille  1928

“Spanky” McCoy  1955                                         Gene Newton   1954

David Woodley  1976                                            Charles Peatross  1957

Charles Minder   1966                                           Scotty Robertson  1946         

Liffort Hobley  1980                                               Tommy Morrow  1950

                                                                                     Coach Nick Lester  1945


1999                                                                            2001

Spiro Cosse  1956                                                   Jimmie Harrison  1946

Frank Pernici  1956                                                Jimmy Mangum  1952

Jimmy Caskey  1961                                              Don Davis  1956

Alton Thomas  1962                                              Jack Pyburn  1963

David Brookings  1968                                         Mike Leonard  1972

Mark Massey   1968                                              Jerry Byrd  1991

                                                                                     Carrie Morman  1993


2003                                                                            2005

Sammy Booras  1947                                            Leigh McGovern Wilson  1999         

Harold Gene Smith  1954                                     John Gray Pou  1999

Rex Staes  1954                                                       Katie Cochran Hall  1994

Arnaz Battle  1998                                                  Leon Murray  1995

Meredith Duncan  1998                                        James Mosely  1972

Karen McCarter Elliott  1974                               Dr. Joe Farmer Abendroth  1960

                                                                                      Dickey Carpenter  1957

                                                                                      Coach Alan Carter   1990-1997


2007                                                                            2009

Delbert Clinton  1989-1997                                 Philip Campbell

Jack A. Crichton  1933                                           Carol Weyman

Ronald L. Sawyer  1953                                        Meg Frazier  1997

Robert “Bob” Hamm  1958                                  Merle Kemmerly, Jr.

William “Bill” Hancock  1960                                Brandon Nightengale  2000

Blocker Thornton  1963                                        Paul Winder  

Gerry Badgley  1976

Caroline Haynie  1994

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